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Definition of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is defined as the technique of attracting visitor traffic to a website by publicizing it over social media platforms. Online Marketers design content for their services or products displayed on their websites in a way that can attract people over social media networks. Depending upon the social network, an online marketer or social media optimizer designs website content in the form of an image post, text post or a mixture of text and images.

Social Media Marketing alias SMM has gained immense popularity than Paid Media Marketing like PPC as it is a free mode of marketing a website and its products or services to a huge audience over the Internet in a short span of time.

Textbooks on Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is not just a topic to grasp or a subject to study. It has become a full-fledged career option and hence here are the details of some textbooks on Social Media Marketing:

  • The Social Media Marketing Book by Dan Zarrella (Published by O'Reilly Media, Inc – Year 2009).
  • Inbound Marketing: Get Found Using Google, Social Media, and Blogs by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah (Published by John Wiley & Sons – Year 2009).


Examples of Social Media Marketing

Example 1: An example of Social Media Marketing is marketing of service or product based websites on Facebook. In this Facebook Marketing, marketers utilize Facebook by publicizing their website features through Posts on the Facebook News Feed via Facebook Profile or a Facebook Fan Page or through a mixture of both these methods. The target of these marketers is to collect maximum Fan Page and Post Likes from Facebook Users on their Facebook Fan Page. They even try to build a huge network of Facebook friends and Followers so that these people can visit the website of these marketers. Marketers need to make sure of always highlighting their website link on their profile, fan page and post details to gather maximum clicks through users for improving their website visitor traffic from Facebook.

Example 2: Another example of SMM can be through Microblogging social media sites like Twitter. In the social site of Twitter, brands can promote their websites’ services or products within the limit of 140 characters. This limited text message is known as a tweet. A Tweet should include both the text and the website or social media fan page link within the 140 characters limit.


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