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The Role Of Information Technology: Enterprises In Kosova

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Describe about The Role of Information Technology for Enterprises in Kosova.



Executive summary

In recent decades, there has been a vast expansion in technological capabilities that have resulted into changes in patterns of human communication. Advances in information technology have hugely impacted various industries resulting into structural transformations. Modern businesses cannot survive without the use of information technology (Berisha-Namani, 2009). Information revolution has also affected Media industry in a huge way. It has made the process of broadcasting information fast such that the information can be sent to the world in the flash of a second. New formats and channels have emerged in the field that has moved to video visuals, e-papers, animations and so on.

The continual changes in the technological advances and their impacts on different cultures have dissolved the geographical barriers allowing businesses to be more interconnected to the world. With such capabilities provided by information technology to the media industry, if  a media organization ignores the need of adoption of IT, it is unlikely to survive in the mid of technologically advanced business models in the world (Khattak, Nasir, & Sultan, 2012).


Fairfax Media is an Australia and New Zealand based company which performs the functions of media in various multiple platforms. It is a company which provides various services such as digital publishing, digital marketing, entertainment, etc. This company is well known for its quality content for more than 180 years. There are various newspapers named as The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, The Press, The Sunday Star-Times, etc. It is also associated with Macquarie Radio Network and an Entertainment Co, StreamCo. So, the analysis explains how the information technology affects the media field.

IT Implementation in Media

When an organization need to develop its IT systems, the process usually begins with the investigation of existing systems of the company. In this stage, first the opportunities for implementation of IT to attain business objectives would be identified and the appropriate system requirement would be recognized. Thereafter, a feasibility study is done in order to understand if the desired IT capabilities that are being planned for implementation and only after the project of IT system development is found viable can procurement and implementation begin.

A major part of the work identification of functional requirements of an organization such that decisions can be made on development of appropriate systems for the organization. Based on these requirements decisions can be taken on deployment of IT systems. Various activities that have to be done for fulfilling these functional requirements would include understanding of costs, planning for development of IT infrastructure, designing, procurement of equipment’s, installation of systems and training of users on the new IT systems.

An IT architecture for Media company can be built with consideration of three layers of IT that include business architecture that includes understanding of business needs , data models and flow diagram for processes, application architecture that includes software and other applications and technical architecture that includes hardware and other tools. The business model would explain processes that are to be captured by the IT system as well as the functional or business objectives that IT would be catering to such that decision can be taken on what applications to acquire.

Use of IT in Media

Information Technology is being widely used in Media Industry nowadays as the world is becoming digital. The uses of Information Technology in Media Industry are as follows:

  • Journalism on Internet:

It is obvious that many employees or workers who work for the whole day and hardly get the time to read the newspaper, Internet Journalism helps them by providing the news on internet only. Likewise, Fairfax Media is helping people by providing them these facilities. It also helps in reducing cost as it saves the cost of paper by delivering them news online which helps both producer and the consumer. Even there are many applications through which users do not need to even open the application for reading news, they just get notification for every breaking and latest news.

  • Animation:

Animation is done in media industry so that people who watch the news or some updates may enjoy it more with the help of visual effects that make it look attractive and interactive. So, animation also plays an important role in Media Industry.

  • Saves Money:

Since only few people buy newspaper nowadays, because they remain updated by more of internet and media. Therefore, it also helps in saving money to buy newspapers.  

  • Editing Softwares:

There are lot of editing software which helps in printing the news or related articles in a better way and various features are provided by those software which also helps to perform the task rapidly and in a better way.

  • Live Events:

There are various types of events that take place almost daily and almost everywhere. Information Technology helps the event companies to advertise about their event and even provides the functionality to audience to book their tickets online or to know about the event in the detail by creating forums or groups on social media. Fairfax Media also organizes the life and media events.

  • Advertising:

Advertising is the important method for expanding the business. Advertising is done with the help of Information Technology which helps the users to know about the business. Fairfax media is also involved with advertising.

  • Radio Network:

One of the important source of media is Radio Network which broadcasts many details related to education, daily life, news, entertainment and much more. Earlier, people used to face difficulty in catching the signal of radio but Information Technology has greatly helped to erase this problem. Even, few companies provide the facility of internet radio i.e. radio can be accessible on the web also. Fairfax media has also its 54.5% share involved in ASX-listed Macquarie Radio Network which is operated in Sydney and Melbourne.

Requirements of Information Technology in Media

  1. Hardware: Hardware is an important component which is required almost in every field. Hardware devices like computer, printers may be widely used in media field. Computers are used for managing the reports or news by editing them or creating them. Printers are required to publish that news in the newspapers, journals or other resource of the media.
  2. Software: software is also an important component because everything is done with the help of software whether updating the news, or writing the reports and news or adding animation effects to the news etc.
  • Training: Proper training should be provided to the staff of media or editors about the software used in a company so that proper formatting and editing could be done and much of the time is not wasted in formatting the reports again and again.
  1. Social Media: Social Media is also one of the most important requirements as there are millions of people in the world who use the social media. So, social media helps in awaking the people about the importance of media.

Usage of Information Technology by Media

It is important to know who makes use of media and how. So, the people who makes of Information Technology in Media are described below:

  • Editor: Editor is a person who is responsible for writing the various articles. So, he/she makes use of Information Technology for many purposes such as searching for the article on internet, writing the report, editing the report, uploading the article etc.
  • Radio staff: Staff of radio also makes use of Information Technology to raise their voice to the public by making use of various recording softwares, jamming softwares etc.
  • Users or Audience: Audience makes use of Information Technology to access the media and media resources.

Benefits of bringing Information Technology in Media

  1. Reduced Effort:

IT helps in the reducing the effort for media. For e.g., earlier, editors used to write the articles using pen and paper and then they used to type everything on typewriter. But the introduction of Information Technology has made it easier because they do not need to write on paper, they can just simply write in computers using various softwares which are optimized.

  1. Updated Society:

Information Technology helps in making the society updated as media can be accessed anywhere at any time. No one has to wait for particular time to switch on the news channel or other media related channels as IT has made it easy for everyone.

  • Digital marketing:

Information Technology leads the Digital Marketing to grow more and more as media is highly involved with advertising and digital marketing as the world is becoming digital.

Risks brought by Information Technology in Media

  1. Leakage of information on media/communication: As information technology has made the lives faster, so usually a information is broadcasted to everyone so rapidly that everyone gets to know about it in less than a minute which leads to leakage of information, usually fake information on media or communication. So, it is important to check that use of media is done properly.

  2. Piracy: Piracy is an act of obtaining or stealing the legal copyrights of a company. Piracy affects mainly the software, music, movie, gaming industries also. Therefore, media is highly affected by the Piracy attack on the legal information.

Maintenance and Monitoring by Media

It is important that media should monitor and maintain everything. Monitoring is an activity in which output of print, online and broadcast media are monitored and checked.

In business field, media monitoring performs various functions such as systematic recording of radio and television broadcast, checking print clippings from various print media publications. Monitoring the online consumer resources such as blogs, social networks, articles and forums is known as buzz monitoring. Social media should also be monitored so that a particular company could know about its status and value by gathering positive or negative comments.   

Monitoring of media is usually done by high speed text scanners, video and audio recording, text recognition software, analysts etc. Automation of all these processes can be achieved with the help of data mining and machine learning methods.


It is recommended in this analysis of a media company that risks can be easily dealt with the proper monitoring of blogs, articles, and forums. Proper monitoring of radio and television broadcast must be done. To overcome this risks, various techniques such as data mining, sentimental mining, text mining and various machine learning methods can be applied.


This report explains about the use of Information Technology in the media company Fairfax Media. In this report, various aspects such as use of information technology, benefits of using information technology, usage of information technology, risks associated with IT, etc. are discussed.



Berisha-Namani, M. (2009). The Role of Information Technology in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in Kosova . Fulbright Academy .

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