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Organizational Behaviour

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Discuss the organizational behaviour and how women in management prove to be good business women.



The main aim of the assignment is to discuss the organizational behaviour and how women in management prove to be good business women. The author uses the various academic journals and articles to examine the topic and discuss the organizational behaviour and women in management process. Various organizational behaviour and concepts is used by the author. The assignment also contains relevant examples based on real companies and real life scenarios. At last the author gives recommendation based on academic literatures for the managers of the various firms that have been studied ("Women in Management: Delusions of Progress", 2010).

Organizational behaviour   

Organizational behaviour (OB) is the study of human behaviour within an organization and how they coordinate and interact with other members of the organization. Organizational behaviour is used to create a more efficient business. It is the study of the group and individual performance within an organization. Organizational behaviour can be divided into three levels. This includes the micro level that studies individual in organizations, the meso level that studies the behaviour of work groups and the macro level that studies how organizations behave in a society.  Various methods are used in organization behaviour such as quantitative research, qualitative research, and computer stimulation. There are various organizational theories that have been presented by many authors. The most effective ones are Bureaucratic theory presented by Weber, principle of scientific management presented by Taylor and others such as economic theories of organization, institutional theories and systems theories. The main aim of the assignment is to study the topic of organizational behaviour on women in management process (Miner, 2015).   

Women in management

Women in past were just considered as means to please the glory of society. It was totally a man dominant society where women were just considered to do household work while the earning member or the head of the family were men. Due to gender in equality women in corporate field are less to be seen. But with the broadening of peoples thinking and with advancement i n technology and world the digit of women participating in workforce is increasing or growing. Moreover women today are growing at a faster pace than men acquiring more of professional degrees (Wajcman, 2013).  Female leadership is posing a competitive edge in today’s globalized world.  Some of the leadership qualities that women posses tend to increase the performance of the company. Women face many challenges when they enter the corporate field or participate in workforce that restricts the path for career development for women. Discrimination at workplace is the most common challenge that the women in corporate field face. They face discrimination in the form of job segregation, wage gaps, sexual harassment, and denial of career opportunities in the form of promotion and career development. Women have double role to play in society. They are the ones who are responsible to look after their family and also handle the job responsibilities (Davidson & Burke, 2012). 


Literature review

Research on women in management has become an increasing issue of studies now days. It is the most controversial issue as it has mixed reviews. Many experts say that women do not prove to be good mangers as they don’t have enough time to give to the corporate world. Many experts also say that women in management prove to be good and the leadership qualities of women tend to increase the performance of the organization. Women prove to be more inspirational and motivated in the corporate field than men. They are also good decision makers. The most common factor that stops women from attaining higher executive positions at corporate field is family obligations and parenthood. The main purpose of the literature review is to develop theories do find out the gap in the leadership skills of women in global arena. One of the organizational theories is presented in the gender-cantered perspective which says that the women are not fit for attaining higher managerial roles because of the internal factors that attribute such as behaviour, and attitude of women. Organization structure perspective theory says that there are disadvantageous and advantageous situations at workplace. Advantageous positions are held by majority that is male that offer jobs of power and opportunities. While the disadvantageous positions are held by women because they are less in number and have many social obligations. There are various other theories such as gender organization system, and social and cultural approach that explains the theory of women in management in organizational context ("Literature Review on Case Management With Women Offenders - Corrections, Prisons & Parole Victoria", 2016).

Relevant examples:

Rio Tinto group is British and Australian multinational whose headquarter is in London. It is a metal and mining corporation that believe that women in management prove to be good performers. The owner of the company wants more women in senior management position. According to him women have more talent and accurate leadership skills that a corporate wants. Women inspire others in global mining projects. Women make great contribution in the field of management. The other example of women i n management is Dr. Kiran Mazumdar the chairman and managing director of Biocon Ltd. in India. She was the founder of the company and was the one to take the company to great heights and today it is the biggest biopharmaceutical firm in India ("Rio Tinto women inspire others in global mining project - Rio Tinto", 2016). 


Many theories suggests that the main reason for women not included in workforce and at top level positions is due to many internal factors, culture, behaviour, discrimination and gender disparity. The main recommendation is that women prove to be good managers as they have the leadership skills that the firm requires. The country and society should realize the fact and stop gender discrimination by giving the females more of higher level positions and considering them at par with men.  



The main purpose of the assignment was to study the organizational behaviour and women in management. There are many organizational concepts and theories that believe that women do not hold the higher positions because of gender discrimination and structure of the organization. But the examples show that the leadership skills that women hold help the businesses to improve its performance. 



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