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Operation Management: Multinational Software Firm

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Describe about the Operation Management for Multinational Software Firm.




A few years ago once I was working with a multinational software firm. The firm used to provide web development and application software development services. The company used to provide maintenance with Annual Maintenance Contracts with billions of companies as clients. I started my job as a fresher just out of a technical college and rose through the ranks of Project leader within two years of my time in the company. The company had provided suitable incubation to my career. The company helped me nurture my skills and sharpen them as time progressed. The company used to deal with contracts from Regional Governments as well as overseas clients. The company had been instrumental in developing the inventory control software which the major departmental stores across the world use, some of them are Wall Mart, Tesco, Big Bazaar, Spencer and much more.

Working process of the module

My job as a fresher used to be quite a challenge for me initially. But as time passed, I got hold of things around me and learned the practical skills of my trade. I learned how to manage an entire project. A project is a massive set of components in an application development environment. The project is first segmented and then allocated within various sectors(Bisen and Srivastava 2009). At the end of development, it is the responsibility of the leader to stitch all the entire software together. The process of dealing with the clients and managing their expectations had taught me a great deal as to what motivates a client. The managing of the projects had taught me how to get the job done. Now that I am actively pursuing this course, this will help me further my knowledge about managing projects.

One beautiful morning after reaching my cubicle, I noticed that my colleagues were involved in an argument. The argument was regarding the areas of responsibility of an individual project. The project of the ongoing discussion was under my ambit. I sought out alternatives to the crisis. The process involved talking to superiors and taking their advice in solving out a crucial problem (Burrow and Kleindl 2012). The problem involved creating a balance between various forces of the workplace. The project had to be delivered on time. The client had been urging for delivery before the deadline. The project had to be completed almost three months before it's agreed upon due date. The client refused to cooperate about escalating costs. Since the project was Governmental, there was political pressure upon completion of a digitization project of the Census. The project had to be implemented before the term of a government ended(Maylor 2010). The national project had great significance to the company. I as the project lead sought out viable alternatives to this impending crisis. The task of managing the completion on time was of extreme significance for my team as well. The team received revised deadlines on the same day of the crisis. I thought I loved challenges until I met with this situation. I asked the client who was an administrative officer from the department of finance of the Government, to expedite the process of revising costs. The officer simply refused (Thurlow, Moss and Forster 2004). After several attempts of convincing the person, I realized that all my attempts were futile. After about an hour, I called him up and informed that it would not be possible for the team to execute the project unless there is a clear-cut assurance from the Government that funds will not be the issue. The officer hung up after about a minute and called me back after exactly a minute and a half. The officer informed me that the finance department had given all authority for expenditure required for completing the project. I informed my superiors and made requisitions to the human resource management for allocating further techies to my team.


Relationship between Project Management and actual Management criteria

The relation of the entire context that I just discussed has a direct bearing on Project management. The project management deals with the planning, staffing, executing, controlling, and executing and closeout aspects (Bodie and Merton 2000). We can aptly note that the functions of management are also same as that of the phases of project management we just discussed in our last statement. The project management will be helpful for primary dealing with future job positions in management where I would have to do the work out of project team members. The course will help me better substantiate my trade skills and better justify my prompt business management decisions. The subject will help me to rate a crisis while undertaking a project and would serve as a "guiding light" while ratifying decisions (Abdulla 2012). I as a business decision maker used to take decisions based on my common sense and logic. But I lacked the proper theoretical knowledge required to make the most justified decision. 


The art of project management is a collective result of experience and the acquired skills of the trade. After the completion of the course, I would be able to gather required knowledge about the various aspects of project managing. In general, the formal training is necessary for being a successful project manager. The formal training would ensure the best practice for ensuring the success of the project. The training in this field would give me the tools to manage the efficient utilization of resources and to be better prepared for facing challenges in the daily course of the project development.



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