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Health Services And Research Methodologies

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Discuss about the Health Services and Research Methodologies.



The current report talks about the benefits and the problems associated with the schooling of children. Girls and boys are sent to school so that they can read, write and count which is used to provide them a bright future ahead and also for their families and some contribution to the nation also (Ahmad & Hamm, 2013). The schooling education is of primary importance as it provides knowledge for the students regarding the subject, enhances their social behavior and mainly the school teaches them with good manners and dos and don’ts (Khalsa et al., 2012).

The Problem Solving Loop

Figure1: The Problem Solving Loop

Source: (Khalsa et al., 2012)

The following are some things which are gained by children from the school includes:

  • Confidence: They get to learn about various subjects and will make them become proficient and develop skills exponentially.
  • Socialization: It helps us to build the huge network of friends for better interaction and can come across the like-minded community.
  • Teamwork: Other than friends, it also gives us a very great opportunity of working with various kinds of people which will be useful in future (Nariman & Chrispeels, 2015).
  • Preparation: At the end of the day it prepares you to face the world alone with the knowledge and skills developed during schooling.
  • Information: One of the main reasons and the benefits that can be gained from school is the wealth of the knowledge and the information regarding various topics. It also provides the environment for creative ideas which can be implemented for accessing the subject knowledge (Schargel & Smink, 2014).
  • Inspiration: The school not only benefits us in developing the friends for life long, but also teaches us with the working strategies and streamlining of our career goals as per our interests. A student can even get inspired by different personalities from school.
  • Community: A school is the place which is said to be functioning as the center of the person’s community and is also considered to act as the meeting place and is the place where children grow and develop themselves.

On the other hand, there are also some problems which are associated with schooling, such as absenteeism, conflicts among students, misunderstandings, etc.


According to the teachers and principal of school management family factors are found to be a very serious problem in school. They say that parents are not involved in the matters related to the children’s activities in school (Khalsa et al., 2012).

  • Children might experience the situations of being bullied or they might bully others. Because of which they might lack attention and have some behavioral problems.
  • They might not get engaged, or get themselves connected in groups or might not involve themselves in school activities for instance: they might not have an interest in any extracurricular activities but hey are forced to do so.
  • The students may get punished for silly reasons and the level of punishment can be worse.
  • Physical and mental abusiveness and harassment
  • Not sufficient faculty available for the students
  • No proper sanitary conditions and environments
  • Congested classrooms and the teaching might not be up to the mark
  • Giving a lot of homework, then what the children of that particular age can do
  • Comparing the children with other students might embarrass the children
  • The workload for children might be heavy


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Schargel, F. P., & Smink, J. (2014). Strategies to help solve our school dropout problem. Routledge. provides guaranteed satisfaction with a commitment to complete the work within time. Combined with our meticulous work ethics and extensive domain experience, is the ideal partner for all your homework/assignment needs. We pledge to provide 24*7 support to dissolve all your academic doubts. We are composed of 3000+ esteemed experts who have been empanelled after extensive research and quality check. provides undivided attention to each assignment order with a methodical approach to solution. Our network span is not restricted to US, UK and Australia rather extends to countries like Singapore, Canada and UAE. Our assignment help services include thesis help, case study help, homework help, coursework help, MBA help and Programming help. Get your work done at the best price in industry.

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