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Family Influence On A Childs Education

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Describe about the influence of family on the education of the child.



The research proposal is about the influence of family on the education of the child. Child’s education is an important aspect of the parents, and the study of family influence on child’s education has gained considerable popularity in the field of learning. Stone (2006), Radojlović et al., (2015), Lawrence (2015), etc. studies indicate the influence of family on the education process of the child.  Due to considerable influence of parents on child’s educational outcomes make it a concerning topic of research. By determining the impact of family on the education of the child, a critical role can be played to improve the academic performance of the students and to ensure a high level of educational success. The outcomes of this study will be effective to make informed use of family factor for the improvement in the education process of a child.  

Research Questions

Below will be the research questions will be answered throughout the research:

What is the relationship of family and child’s education?

The above question would be significant to determine the ways family related variables influence the education process of a child. In this question, family is an independent variable, whereas child’s education is dependent variables. The answer to this above problem is quite important to determine the influence of the family on the educational outcomes of a child. As Stone (2006) noted the positive impact of home communication with the success of adolescent at the school level. Parents’ conflicts cause failure of students in education. There are some factors such as family size; family background and employment status also influence the education of the child in a considerable manner. On the other hand, Lawrence (2015) reported a positive relationship between the parents’ education expectations and work of school. Parent expectation for the child’s education influences the school composition and the outcomes for the students. At the same time, Radojlović et al., (2015) indicates that parental involvement in the child’s learning activities and education is multifaceted to understand. Parents’ participation in child’s education can be occurred in two forms such as passive and active. Involvement type influences outcome of child’s education differently. By empirical literature, the likely answer to this question will be the positive relation of family and education of a child.

What are the ways to ensure the positive contribution of the family in child’s education?

This will be the second question of this research. It would be useful to determine means to confirm the positive contribution of the family in increasing the success of a child in his/her schooling education. It will allow parent and teachers to address the issues of child’s education. Burger (2010) stated that proper communication with the parents regarding the child’s education status and course composition might increase the contribution of family in improving the outcomes of child’s education. This can be useful in improving parents’ positive participation in the child’s education. Through this, the results of child’s education can be enhanced. Carneiro et al., (2013) stated that policies and course of school could also play a critical role in increasing involvement of family in the child’s education. By giving the task to the children that can only be completed through the contribution of parents or family, the positive outcomes about child’s education may be achieved.  It would be effective to provide parents an opportunity to take part in the education and to influence their learning process in a positive manner. It could improve education outcomes of the child. It is expected that partnership approach of family and schools can be helpful way to ensure the positive contribution of the family in child’s education.       

Project Design

Mixed would be the research design for this study that allows a researcher to obtain and access both qualitative and quantitative data. It provides a way to collect enormous information about research issues. Books, journals, newspapers and genuine websites will be used to collect information regarding the influence of family on the child’s education. These secondary sources would be effective to gather data by existing literature. On the other hand, the primary method of data collection will also be used to determine the influence of family background on the education outcomes of the child. Survey will be conducted on the students to determine regarding their family background and educational progress (Rubin and Babbie, 2012). Random sampling method of data collection will be used to take 200 samples from the targeted population. It will be effective to reduce biases. The students of aged between 10 and16 will be selected to gain the knowledge regarding the influence of family on their educational process. Statistical methods such as cross tabulation, correlation coefficient, etc. will be used to determine the relationship of family-related variables on the learning and education outcomes of the students (Baden and Major, 2010).

A consent form will be obtained from the parents of students to ensure limit the expected problems of data access. Similarly, a password protected software will be used avoid the ethical issue of data protection in this research. Sampling error will be the key limitation of this study (Johnson and Christensen, 2010). Due to limited time, only small sample size can be surveyed that may affect the validity of research outcomes.          


This research project will shed light on the influence of family on the child’s education through the inclusion of primary and secondary research. It will include assessment of several contemporary scholarly articles to explore the existing knowledge about the research issues. Apart from this, the survey would be conducted to gain new knowledge to understand the influence of family on child’s education. Overall, this research would be significant to highlight the role of the family in the education process of a child.   



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Stone, S. (2006) Correlates of change in student reported parent involvement in schooling: a new look at the National Education Longitudinal Study of 1988. American Journal of Orthopsychiatry, 76(4), p.518. provides guaranteed satisfaction with a commitment to complete the work within time. Combined with our meticulous work ethics and extensive domain experience, is the ideal partner for all your homework/assignment needs. We pledge to provide 24*7 support to dissolve all your academic doubts. We are composed of 3000+ esteemed experts who have been empanelled after extensive research and quality check. provides undivided attention to each assignment order with a methodical approach to solution. Our network span is not restricted to US, UK and Australia rather extends to countries like Singapore, Canada and UAE. Our assignment help services include thesis help, case study help, homework help, coursework help, MBA help and Programming help. Get your work done at the best price in industry.

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