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English Language Education: Policies And Planning In Malaysia

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Discuss about the case study of English Language Education for Policies and Planning in Malaysia.



As mentioned above in the study, that English is considered as the second language in the country Malaysia; since it has been found that there exists a deficiency level in the proficiency of the student. It is assumed to be evident from the above study that the attitude and behavior of every Malaysian student towards learning English has been declined in most schools. Though, it is considered as one of the most inspiring opportunities for career growth, the performance level is constantly decreasing at an alarming rate (Hashim & Leitner, 2016). There is a need of emergence to introduce English as the main subject in Primary schools also; so that the demand of such languages may inherit the level of education in maximum Malaysian schools sector. The entire assignment prefaces with the learning attitudes and behaviors of Malaysian students towards learning English as the main subject (Van der Walt, 2013). The upcoming future environment of maximum Malaysian schools is improving its atmosphere; to make a perfect enlargement to learn English as the core subject. There is an essential to develop English in the primary sector of schools so that the base of students must be expanding with greater flexibility. All around the word, English is considered as one of the most important language as a means of instruction and communication to choose varieties of career opportunities. Being a second language in most of the Malaysian schools, it has led most of the students facing difficulties in achieving higher potential growth in understanding the use of languages.



Hashim, A., & Leitner, G. (2016). 3 English in language education policies and planning in Malaysia. Languages in the Malaysian Education System: Monolingual Strands in Multilingual Settings, 46.

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