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Develop And Use Emotional Intelligence

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Describe about the Develop and Use Emotional Intelligence.




The study is focussing on the behaviour of Store Managers of Australian Hardware in Wollongong about the performances of the stores. The Australian Hardware is a hardware and home ware retailer that has expanded their business almost all over the country in Australia in 140 stores (Ciarrochi & Mayer, 2013). The researcher is then analysing various situations that the organisation has faced in the last few time. The evaluation of the financial performance of previous year, misbehaviour of employee, annoying situation etc in the company has enabled the researcher to explain the emotional sides of the manager in leading the organisation. Therefore, the researcher has discussed the appropriate leadership style for the manager in the store and discussed the desired behavioural aspect for the hardware company.

1. In this case, the Store Manager has created a mess in the Store of Wollongong that has forced the department managers to take the decision to lave the organization. Otherwise, they started creating a massive pressure on the sales staffs of the store to increase their revenue knowing that it is not possible for the sale staff too. In this situation as the General Operations Manager, the researcher should apply the positive leadership behaviour to overcome the situation. Therefore, the researcher would motivate the Store manager to learn the process of positive leadership style and try to minimise the embarrassments of the lower staffs rather insulting them in front of all whether there is no fault from their side. The researcher has also suggested the Store Manager, who has created the worse situation with wrong decision, to show the respect and dignified behaviour in this type of situation later.

The Store Manager has analysed that the Store manger lacks the emotional intelligence that is required for become a good manager. Therefore, as the General Operations Manager the researcher is suggesting the Store Manger to acquire three main emotional intelligences such as, attunement, empathic accuracy and looping (Baron et al. 2013). These three concepts will enable the Store Manager to become a good manager with the ability to understand other’s feelings and emotions. The empathic accuracy will enable the manager to understand the degree of accuracy while noticing other’s emotions and creating a loop of emotional feedbacks through verbal or non-verbal signals also helps her to understand the staffs’ emotional conditions (Mortiboys, 2013). If the Store Manager can follow this, then this will be reflected in her behaviours.

In the situation if the Store Manager has retaliate in an appropriate manner then the situation should not lead to thus much worst. Therefore, as per the researcher, the Store Manager could have reacted in a different manner and in the meeting; she could discuss the situation to identify the reasons for which the company has faced the low revenue. After the discussion, they could find out the actual issue regarding the problem and then she could suggest the way to overcome the situation not to face problems in future. However, in contrast she has yelled on the department managers who were not attached with the problem and created a mess in the organisation.

The store manager has reacted in a manner that was against the store morale. According to the store, morale the Managers has to behave in a manner that should not affect any employee of the store. Nevertheless, the process in which the Store Manager has reacted after the situation was completely against the store morale as the reaction of her has influenced the Department Managers to take negative decisions, which was not appropriate for the store.

In this case, the unpleasant behaviour of the Store Manager has influenced the department managers to take the decision of leaving the store due to getting the disrespectful behaviour and over pressure of work. Apart from this, the sales staffs of the stores too leaving the job as some department managers has created massive pressure on them to increase the sales revenue.

2. In this case, one of the staff from the sales team has complained about a team member that she is not participating in the team activities that other team members take part. The main complain was about the nature of the team member who was not participating in the regular activities of the group. As the other members always discuss about the normal day to day conversations regarding family, friends, movies, cultures, religious things etc in which that team member not involve herself (Laschinger et al. 2014). For this problem, the team members can misinterpret her activities in other way. For instance, if the team members are planning for any party then she cannot participate in the party, as she likes to remain aloof from the others. However, by nature, she cannot adjust herself with the late night parties; alcohol etc as she has came from another religious background but the team members misinterpret this in a way that she is not interested to become familiar with them. Apart from this, while working as a team the members cannot relate with her, as she is not friendly with them therefore she is misinterpreted, as she is unfriendly.

In this case as the Operational Manager the researcher has faced a problem regarding the issue of an aloof team member who was not participating in the regular activities of the team. This became an issue for the other team members among them one has came to complain the manager. The researcher can explain the matter to that team member as the cultural diversity, which is a very common thing in the workplaces (Vella, Oades & Crowe, 2013). The researcher will make the team member understand that the cultural diversity is a differentiation that makes the difference between the people working in same place. Therefore, the cultures and systems differ as per the background of each worker. This is not be misinterpreted by the other team members if she is not able to mix up with them, they do not complain against them rather they should help her to become familiar with them for the benefit of the team.

The process of increasing knowledge about each other’s cultures and rituals will diminish this cultural diversity. If the team members can gain the knowledge of the religious cultures and they can understand each other’s cultures then the knowledge will help the team members to become familiar with each other easily and the diversity problem will never be highlighted in the workplace of the store.

3. In this situation, the researcher is fighting with the emotions of his or her inner self, regarding an employee. The researcher is trying to train one employee by implementing a training session in which the teamwork capability will be increased (Robbins et al. 2013). In this process, one of the employees is creating problem by not attending the training sessions intentionally. This behaviour of the employee is making the manager very angry. However, the employee does not do any work wrong that the manager can blame him for his faults. This creates a very huge conflict in the mind of the Manager regarding this particular employee whom he or she cannot control or manage according to his or her interest. The manager should not express this anger before the employee but he or she has to control the anger. The manager has understood that he or she cannot manage the employee with providing stricter rules and regulations rather they should be managed with their own thoughts (Kelloway et al. 2013). Therefore, the manager should learn the processes to interact more with the employees to understand their feelings and emotions that will enable him or her to develop the team more efficient.

The manager can improve the emotional and intelligence power by teach the employees personally as much as possible (Ealias & George, 2012). If the manager can learn the personalities of every employee then he or she can relate and use them in the workplace to reduce the problem regarding employee issues. In this context, the manager should learn about the three elements to relate with the employees. The three main elements are making relationship with the employees, building a proper leadership style to lead the employees properly and developing a goof communication skill with the employees (Doe, Ndinguri & Phipps, 2015). These learning can help the manager to understand the employee’s aspect of thinking regarding the decisions of the management for any particular event. For instance, in this case the manager has arranged some training sessions to improve the teamwork capability of the employees as he or she has noticed a few problems regarding the team members while working with each other. However, it was implemented for the betterment of the employees still on employee among them did not attend the training session intentionally. This has led the manager to become angry on the employee but still the manager cannot express his or her anger on the employee.

The manager here increased the awareness of the employees to increase the capabilities of the employees to work smoothly in a team. As a general operations manager, the researcher has to improve the emotional intelligence to reduce the anger and annoying situations, required to meet the target performance level by any means and for this, the learning of the employees will enable him or her to act well in his or her position (Podsiadlowski et al. 2013). The learning also will help the employees to manage their emotions and understand the decisions of the management that they can co-operate with them.

4. In this case, the company has implemented some new policies and decision-makings that will increase the revenue of the Wollongong Store, which has faced low revenue in the section of Timber and Plumbing and Electrical departments (Harvey & Allard, 2015). Therefore, the management of the company has taken the decision of reducing the cost consuming projects such as trainings, which were conducted to increase the knowledge of the employees etc and boosted the projects that increase the revenue of the store. This sudden change has made the employees emotionally affected, as they were not used to work in such load.

The management can implement the changes in an employee friendly way then; the process will not affect the employees negatively. The management was not wrong in their decision-making process and they need to reduce the projects those are consuming costs in the time as the company was going through small revenue (Hor, 2012). However, the decision-making was relevant to the situation but the process of decision-making was not correct.

In the case, the management could have taken the decisions of reducing the costs by delaying the training sessions or by implementing new plans and programs for increasing the revenue. Therefore, the process of decision-making can be more suitable for the employees to accept and to work with the new process rather the process has became very unhealthy for them to execute (Robinson & Francis, 2014).

The management of the Wollongong Store has to maintain the laws and legislations regarding the health and safety of the employees. The new work rules that the company was implementing were must follow the rules and regulation of the Australian government. According to the laws of Health and Safety Act, every company needs to take care of the employees’ health and safety (Vella, Oades & Crowe, 2013). In this case, as the company was suddenly giving a high pressure on the employees, which was creating a massive pressure on the health and in this way their safety was too affecting.


On concluding the study, the researcher has evaluated various situations of the Wollongong store of Australian Hardware where the Store Manager has created a blunder by her decision that has affected the employees of the store in their working. The Store Manager has yelled on the department managers that they had not served their responsibilities properly and for that reason, they have to face the low revenue. However, the manager can retaliated in more positive leadership style to solve the problem rather creating another problem. The researcher has also observed that the practice of appropriate emotional intelligence should allow the managers to manage any negative situations.


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