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Collection Of Data And Features Of The Research

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Describe about the Collection of Data and Features of The Research.



The human subjects have the right to be informed of the nature of their involvement in collection of data and of features of the research. It is critically important that the human subjects must know about the features of the research whether it can be expected to influence the willingness to participate. But, willingness to participate cannot be a justified aspect for which the human subjects must not be informed. They should be informed prior about the nature and features of the research. This would actually help both the researcher and human subjects to have a positive impact on the research and a smooth flow of the research.
It is actually not necessary to tell the human subjects about the discontinuation in their participation at any time. This actually leads to a negative impact on the human subjects and it may also lead to a significant confusion in between the human subjects and researchers which can actually negatively impact the research. Therefore, it is not necessary to inform the human subjects that they can discontinue their participation at any point of time.
Off course, the human subjects in the study will be aware that they are the targets of the research. Letting the human subjects know would lead to a transparent relationship in between the human subjects and the researchers. Informing the human subjects about them being the targets of research would not have any negative or harmful effect on the human subjects neither on the research. If there is any sort of issues persisting the researchers must be prolific enough to clarify the whole scenario to the human subjects after that it is totally depends on the human subjects whether they will continue to be a part of the research or they want to leave. It always better to have a transparency in between the researcher and the human subjects.
It is important to note that assigning human subjects in the research those who are underage can actually have a negative impact but if there is a need or there are human subjects present in the research those who are underage then it is the specific role of the guardians to sign the consent form. It totally depends on the guardians whether the underage human subjects will be a part of the research. If they are the part of the research then it is the significant role of the guardians to sign the consent form.
In terms of the participation, it is the basic role of the researchers to keep the subject’s identity confidential. In this scenario the human subject’s identity has been positively ensured in terms of confidentiality. It is mandatory to keep the identity of the human subjects confidential which will actually pose a positive impact on the inclusion of the human subject in the research.
In terms of confidentiality it is only the researcher who holds the prolific right to have the identity of the human subjects. It cannot be deducted by anyone other than the researcher. Therefore it is the major role of the researcher to keep the human subject’s identity confidential and as per the subject’s right they cannot withdraw the data that has been represented. Once the data has been provided the researcher takes full authority to keep the data safe and confidential and without the researcher no one can access it not even the human subject as he/she cannot withdraw their own data.
As far as the fulfilling of promises is concerned it is the role of the researcher to have a keen look on including the summary of the findings upon request. Upon the request of the human subjects the researcher is bound to fulfill all the promises that is made to the human subjects. The researcher must prolifically ascertain the human subjects promises and the researcher must significantly look into the findings in related to the topic of the research providing all the necessary summary of the findings upon the request of the human subjects.
It is prolifically important on the part of the researcher as well as the research team to have all the specific measures taken for protecting the physical safety of the human subjects from all sort of dangers. The research team must have all safety measures implemented as far as the electrical equipment, poor grounding, lack of oxygen, traffic and industrial accidents, possibility of hearing or vision loss are concerned. The researcher and the entire team must prolifically assess all the necessary measures and ascertain the safety of the human subjects.
It is actually not quite necessary for the researcher and the research team to inform initially the human subjects about the true nature of the study until and unless it can cause any significant harm to the human subjects. It is the role of the human researcher to prolifically assess the necessity and the role of the human subjects in the research and they must be provided with all necessary safety measures. But it is not important to analyze them the true nature of the study because it is not important for the human subjects to know it. They are only liable to take part in the research following the significant guidelines of the researcher.
It is actually not necessary to complaint any issues to the subject coordinator in regards to the dissatisfaction about any procedure. It is the role of the researcher to have an ethical look on the issues that can create problem. Therefore in this type of scenario the subject coordinator must not be troubled the researcher must assess the issues of the human subject and try to solve it ethically without creating any sort of negative impact over the research procedure or the subject coordinator. The researcher must note that these sorts of issues can create confusion and become a hurdle in the procedure of the research. Thus, the researcher must ethically solve the issue and if he/she is not able to solve then it should be informed to the subject coordinator.

No, as far as the human ethics are taken into consideration there is no concealment or deception of the human subject in the research study. The research is basically confined to the involvement of the human subjects but it is the efficient role of the research team that there must be no concealment or deception of the human subject. Deception or concealment of the human subject is actually against human ethics and it is not ethical for the research to conceal or deceive the human subject by any means.
The research study prolifically needs involvement of human subjects but it doesn’t mean that any sort of deception can be used in order to obtain agreement to participate. Thus, it is not ethically accepted that deception can be used for getting agreement to participate. Therefore it is the role of the researcher as well as the subject coordinator to take a prolific look at this aspect that no deception must be used in order to obtain agreement to participate.
No, the study will not involve any human subjects who are not in a position to give their valid consent to participate. The entire study involves human subjects but it doesn’t mean that human subjects who are legally or otherwise not in a position can be involved. In few cases children above the an appropriate age can be involved but legal consent must be taken from the authorized guardian before involving the children into the research study.
Yes, to some cases information on human subjects can be obtained from third parties. But, it has to be done considering the ethical priorities. In some cases it is not possible for the entire team to collect data from the sources outlined in that cases the researcher can obtain information about the human subjects from third parties. But, the researcher must note that he/she is liable to cross check all the information received from the third parties about the human subjects.
No, it is ethically acceptable that any sort of coercion be exerted upon the human subjects to participate. As the research involves human subjects participation, it should be ethically followed that no coercion must be exerted on human subjects for participating in the research.
No, the study won’t involve any sort of physical stress to the human subjects. The study follows all the legal procedures of the human ethics and therefore the no involvement of the physical stress and unethical practices are involved that can affect the human subjects physically.
As already mentioned above the study is being conducted by following all the ethical and legal priorities. Therefore, it can be ascertained that the study won’t cause any sort of mental or physical discomfort to the human subjects. If any sort of discomfort is assessed within the human subjects then the research team is liable to take proper care of the human subject and if necessary the human subject should be omitted from the research study involvement.

The confidentiality of the human subjects are the major priority of the entire research study. Therefore it can be prolifically ascertained that the publication of the research results would not interfere the strict confidentiality of the human subjects.
No, the publication of the research results will not harm the subject or directly neither through identification of his /her membership group. The research team or the subject coordinator is totally liable to assess all the details and data of the human subjects confidentially and therefore the results of the research won’t affect or harm the human subjects by any means.
No, there are no other aspects of the study that can interfere the protection if the well being of the human subjects. The entire study is framed ethically and therefore the research team takes full measures to keep all the details confidential which will not affect the protection of the well being of the human subjects involved in the study. provides guaranteed satisfaction with a commitment to complete the work within time. Combined with our meticulous work ethics and extensive domain experience, is the ideal partner for all your homework/assignment needs. We pledge to provide 24*7 support to dissolve all your academic doubts. We are composed of 3000+ esteemed experts who have been empanelled after extensive research and quality check. provides undivided attention to each assignment order with a methodical approach to solution. Our network span is not restricted to US, UK and Australia rather extends to countries like Singapore, Canada and UAE. Our assignment help services include thesis help, case study help, homework help, coursework help, MBA help and Programming help. Get your work done at the best price in industry.

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