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Analysis Of Public Relation Issue Sony Pictures

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Discuss about the Analysis of Public Relation Issue Sony pictures.



Public relations describes the method that an organization uses to disseminate a message about their products, services or even their overall image to the customers, stockholders, employees and the interested members of the community. The idea of the public relations is always to render the public believe favorably regarding the organization and their offerings (Black, 2013). The frequently used tools for the PR are news releases, media conferences, and community services programs. The public relations calls for two-way interaction between a firm and the public. It essentially necessitates listening to the various constituencies that an organization is dependent as well as analyzing and understanding the attitudes and behaviors of the audiences. It is only in this way can an organization be able to undertake effective PR campaigns. Over the past year different group have faced PR issues and this has affected them adversely (Center, Jackson, Smith & Stansberry, 2008). One such group that suffered was Sony Pictures Entertainment last year in November. The company became a victim of a cyber-attack resulting in leakage of emails and the electronic release of their several upcoming films. The attack was linked to the government of North Korea that was angered by the movie the company was producing called the interview that used the assassination of the leader of the country as the major point. The company through criticism of their lax security it was portrayed as the victim of the crisis especially when they handled things in less sympathetic coverage (Culbertson & Chen, 2013). First, they took more than a week for the organization to issue what was referred as substantive comments in regards to the situation. Moreover, as the issue became serious through the leak of the emails revealed the senior executive were seen insulting some of the biggest stars of the Hollywood. The company further kept quiet on the issue (Hendrix, Hayes & Kumar, 2012). This is a serious PR problem that can affect the image of the enterprise. This essay tends to explore PR issue of the Sony Pictures Entertainment company. It will further highlight the target group in which the PR problem wanted to address and finally highlight on the goals of communication that are significant for the target audience.

The events that followed as a result of the cyber-attack have adversely affected the images of the Sony Pictures Entertainment, and this is based on how they have related to the public (Black, 2013). Sony firing senior communication executive and employing David Boies attracted more media scorns especially when he threaten the reporters who wrote in regards to the leak of the emails. The public looks on with the bemusement after the occurrence of these events. The real damage for the company was the relationship they had with their key stakeholders (Hendrix, Hayes & Kumar, 2012). The company needed to have listened to the people especially those that were affected by their statements. Moreover, focusing on the effects of the stakeholders was more significant than the public opinion.

Sony pictures target audience one of their target audience are the young people. This group forms the largest of the population. Young people love movies, and they are amused by them. The company needs to focus on their campaign to this group. One way to achieve this is the production of films that attract these individuals (Dozier & Grunig, 2013). Further, the opinion of these audience matters mostly, and the reputation of the company lies on them. Public relation tends to create that relationship between the business and the audience. There is also need to listen on the attitudes and the behavior of these individuals. When the company executive insulted the biggest Hollywood actors, there was much criticism from the public, especially the young people. These people are loved when they feature on their favorite movies and when you insult them its like you are directing to them (Culbertson & Chen, 2013). To address the issue of PR for this company they could start with personal private letters for apologies to the individuals who were insulted. This way it will help build the relationship again as well as trust from the public.


Importance of young people targets group audience for PR campaigns

The company focusing their PR campaign on the young people will help them to get relevant opinions as well as feedback on the ideas and their interest in the movies and the issue raised above. This will help the organization to develop and create products as well as solve problem based on the feedback from the target demographic (Center, Jackson, Smith & Stansberry, 2008). This will assist the group also to reach them in a manner that is authentic and full of credibility. Additionally, the young people are significant in enhancing of reputations and the image of the organization on various public segments (Regester & Larkin, 2008). They achieve this through the opinions they provide to different areas since they are very diverse in the social media networking. Media relations and the community integration is well known by this target group thus various issues can arise could be solved amicably by the organization (Dozier & Grunig, 2013). Moreover, this aspect is essential for Sony pictures entertainment organization towards their long term goal and objective in relation to the issue of quality reputation and the images in their operations.

Goals of communication appropriate for target audience

The communication goals are the desired results of the communication strategy, which commits to achieve. One of the primary goals for the target audience is to promote awareness and uptake of the research results to the young people (Broom & Seshadrinathan, 2013). This could be accomplished through the building of knowledge of the projects underway from the organization and allow them to criticize and give an opinion on them. Secondly, is having effective speaking. A stumbling block to real communication is one-sided nature of speaking. The case of Sony Pictures Entertainment there was no effective communication. Reporters were being threatened and when the situation of leaking of emails happened there was no communication in regards to the issue to the public by the company not until one week had passed (Culbertson & Chen, 2013). Exchange of information between the business and the target group is an effective communication means. Additionally, effective listening is another goal for the target group (Black, 2013). Most of the time individuals have the difficulty of listening to other. It is imperative to hear the feedback as well as the opinion of other people this will help to communicate appropriately. Lastly, another goal of communication is to foster a sense of trust from the target group (Gruing, 2013). Communicating effectively creates a positive relationship between the organization and the target audience. Therefore, it should be direct containing a clear message and be devoid of double check and any vague language.



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