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American Nursing Students

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Discuss about the American Nursing Students.



According to Cheng et al. (2016), the Chinese have lower caring ability than the American nursing students. One of the important characteristics of a nurse is the ability to take care of patients. The nursing educators in China and other countries are incorporating care into the nursing curriculum. The data was collected by conducting a survey for 109 American and 544 Chinese nursing students using Caring Ability Inventory and socio-demographic data sheet.

There are differences between the caring ability between the educator exchange programmes of China and the United States. Certain factors such as gender, sibling status, marital status, religion, duration of program and affected CAI scores play a significant role in determining the caring ability of nurses. In America, the females have a higher caring ability than the males. Chinese have the same score both males and females. The students possessing nursing experience also score high and have a higher growth, self-esteem and confidence. Other factors such as the social status of a nurse in China being lower than what in America, the nurses do not get due respect from health care professionals and patients. Chinese also obtain low income while having high work pressure that makes the nurses feel negative about their profession.

Caring ability is a crucial issue and creates gaps between Chinese and American students. However, the caring ability of the nurses in both countries can be strengthened depending upon the teaching and caring behaviour of faculties, modelling teaching methods and sharing life experiences. The educators shall also conduct periodic assessments in students’ caring behaviour so that improvements can be made as required.



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