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Thomas Nelson

United States, New Jersey

MS in Information Systems Technology with Specialization in Database Administration


I joined straight after I got out of college. I have an MS in information systems technology with specialization in database administration from Eastern Oregon University

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I joined straight after I got out of college. I have an MS in information systems technology with specialization in database administration from Eastern Oregon University. I'm familiar with various database systems such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL and IBM DB2 and can produce top quality assignments on them. Students generally give me a 4.5-star rating out of 5.

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Published: 2015, 7 Jan | 3 Pages, 750 Words

Write a report (no more than 1200 words) outlining an intervention strategy that specifically targets one or more elements of the problem identified in your first report. 1) Propose an overall vision as to what change is possible, and how it might be achieved Aim: to demonstrate a clear understanding of (a) what element/s of the problem can and should be targeted for change, and (b) provide a very brief overview of how such change could be affected. 2) Explain your intervention strategy Aim: Pre...

Published: 2015, 15 Jan | 1 Pages, 250 Words

For the final portfolio project, you will create a presentation (using PowerPoint or some other visual medium) that you might share with the Board of Directors of your health care organization (or another health care setting with which you are familiar). You will not actually be required to present this to the board, but simply prepare the project for an audience of that caliber. This portfolio project will be an evaluation of the current strategic plan and recommendations for changes to ensure ...

Published: 2015, 15 Apr | 2 Pages, 500 Words

1. Show a list of all recommendations made after 1st January 2015 on the currencies of US dollar and Euro. Display the details including analyst name, currency code, recommendation, review date and reason. Query 1 Result FirstName LastName CurrencyCode Recommendation ReviewDate Reason John Johnson USD Buy 6/03/2015 Fed financial QE policy Joshua Andersen EUR Buy 15/02/2015 Forecast Eurozone GDP increase Linda Aka EUR Hold 2/01/2015 Euro central bank interest decision 2. Which portfolio has least...

IT - Write Up
Published: 2015, 18 Apr | 12 Pages, 3000 Words

The acceleration in the growth of OOSAD maybe attributed to UML as a lingua franca of SAD. While providing a rich common vocabulary of object-oriented terms and diagramming techniques for modeling systems development, UML’s range of diagrams may also be considered to be complex and confusing. Produce a presentation paper, appraising the role of UML in enhancing systems development, by modelling a business process (or a set of sequential tasks that happen in a specific order) in a ...

Published: 2015, 24 Apr | 10 Pages, 2500 Words

Demonstrate Problem Solving Skills by modifying the four imported tables’ structures using the given table specifications in Microsoft Access using Table Design View.·         Data fields have the appropriate data type.·         Data fields have appropriate Field Description to describe the data field.Data fields have appropriately set properties...

IT - Write Up
Published: 2015, 7 May | 1 Pages, 250 Words

All assignment submissions must be completed individually via your study desk. Collusion and cheating is considered to be a very serious issue and all assignments will be closely monitored to ensure that all students are submitting their own work. This ensures that all students are treated fairly and graded on their own knowledge and work. It is acceptable to discuss course content with others to improve your understanding and clarify requirements however you must not discuss the actual assignme...

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