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Write my case study for me

Introduction: Recording of a particular research or a person, group or situation for over a period of time is called a case study. An instance of something that is used to analyze or illustrate a thesis or principle is what known as a case study. Case studies are useful for understanding how the different elements fit together and how these elements have produced the perfect impact on the observed case.

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Different types of case studies:

How can I write my case study online when there are so many available online? It is not that case studies are only of one type. There are various types of case studies on which a student have to work on. The various types of case studies can be mentioned here:

• Illustrative case studies: When the case studies have strong characters and an in depth realism.

• Exploratory case studies: This is also descriptive form but it contains a hypothesis in the case study.

• Critical instance case studies: When there is a unique interest that serves as a critical test.

 Program implementation case studies: When the case study have investigative operations to discuss.

• Program effective case studies: When investigation is made on various sites referenced with the input and output of the program.

• Cumulative case studies: When there is a combination of many cases studies and it requires evaluating the requisite questions.

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