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If you are looking for leadership assignment help then you are at the right place. promises you the ideal leadership assignment help by the best leadership writers. At a fundamental level, leadership can be described as the process of social influence in which one person can enlist the support of other people in order to fulfill a task. In management studies, students often use the term leadership without understanding its full connotation. Further, the leadership is often mixed up with a closely related term called management. In this leadership assignment help article, we shall try to understand the term leadership and also distinguish it from the term management. We shall look into the various theories of leadership and try to distinguish between ‘individual leader’ and ‘group leader’. Further we will discuss why our leadership assignment help is the best among the all the education assistance web portals.

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 Theories explaining leadership

The leadership assignment help elucidates all the aspects of leadership with ease. A number of western philosophers have dealt with the concept of leadership. Some of them were Plato, Machiavelli, Thomas Carlyle and Francis Galton. However, from 1940s and 1950s, there emerged another group of theorists who argued that a leader who may be effective in one context may not be effective in another. As such, we saw the rise of ‘situational approach’ in the understanding of leadership. According to this approach, it was not individual traits but situational factors which made a leader. The approach is thoroughly discussed in our leadership assignment help.

 Two major schools explaining leadership have emerged. They are:

  • Trait approach
  • Situational approach

In trait approach, scholars harp on individual traits such as intelligence, adjustment, extraversion, conscientiousness, openness to experience and general self-efficacy. In contrast, in situational theory, scholars argue following Karl Marx and Herbert Spencer, that it is the society which produces great leaders and not the other way round. Business scholars like Victor Vroom, Phillip Yetton and Arthur Jago developed taxonomy of leadership situations whereby they demonstrated how different leadership styles were suitable to different situational variables. Our leadership experts will provide the best leadership writing in these two approaches, if you order leadership assignment help material from us.



Leadership and management

Another interesting area of scholarly debate is the difference between leadership and management. Management students often require leadership assignment help in their degree courses. Students use the terms ‘leadership’ and ‘management’   interchangeably thinking that the two terms are roughly synonymous. However, John P. Kotter, the Konosuke Matsushita Professor of leadership at Harvard Business School explains that the two terms are radically different and implies two diverse set of qualities. The difference is explained in his 2006 publication “Leadership versus Management: What’s the Difference?” in the Journal for Quality and Participation. For detailed information, refer to our leadership assignment help.

What is the difference between leadership and management?

If you require leadership assignment help, you need to understand the basic difference between leadership and management. According to John P. Kotter, management refers to a particular set of processes such as planning, structuring, budgeting, financing and customer support in order to help a company to do what is does best. This job is however not easy, especially if the company is a large corporation. Good management skills do help in producing goods and services, at a particular quality, within a given period of time, within a definite budget. Surely we do require skilled and efficient managers.

However, leadership entails a different set of qualities. A leader is primarily a visionary who leads the organization, grabs the opportunities which come his way and propels the organization forward. He must have a clear vision of the future and bring in positive and meaningful change. Prof. Kotter, however, refuses to see one as an alternative to another, saying that we need both since they serve two very different set of functions. Further the idea that leadership is something that should exist at the top followed by managers is also erroneous. We need leaders at every level of the corporate structure. Prof. Kotter’s detailed observations are available in our leadership assignment help service through different leadership examples.

The importance of leadership, according to Kotter can scarcely be overemphasized. Unless we have leaders we shall end up having an over managed company with no leadership and future vision. If you have any doubt about Kotter’s theory, our leadership assignment help can clarify your confusions.

Types of leadership

Critics argue that leadership itself can be of two types. Based on the leadership pattern, it is now argued that there may be two types of leadership:

  1. Individual Leadership: An individual leader is a person who responds effectively to the demands of a particular situation and combines a number of leadership qualities which are used to enlist support of individuals for a particular cause. The qualities of an individual leader are discussed in our leadership assignment help
  1. Group leadership: In contrast to individual leadership, some organizations have adopted group leadership. In this situation, more than one person provides direction to the group as a whole. Some organizations have taken this approach in order to increase creativity, reducing costs or downsizing. Others may see the traditional leadership of a boss as costing too much in team performance. In some situations, the maintenance of the boss becomes too expensive — either by draining the resources of the group as a whole, or by impeding the creativity within the team, albeit unintentionally. All these aspects of group leadership are provided in our leadership assignment help

Characteristics of group leadership

Group leaderships or leadership teams must have the following characteristics according to National School Boards Association of U.S.A. The characteristics are discussed elaborately in the leadership assignment help material:

  • The members must have a good sense of purpose. They must be well aware as to why the team exists.
  • The members must have their priorities clear.
  • Members are well aware of their functional roles. They must know which leader is good at what.
  • Decisions taken by the leaders must be clearly understood by everyone and executed efficiently.
  • Conflict is unavoidable and should be dealt in an open and free manner.
  • Members must feel that their unique characteristics are acknowledged and appreciated.
  • Group norms should be in place and should be followed by everyone.
  • Frequent interactions between members should be encouraged.
  • Team meetings should be effective and productive.
  • Success should belong to the group.
  • Training of all the members is crucial and there should be constant encouragement for further improvement.

This can be explained by leadership examples. A common example of group leadership involves cross-functional teams. A team of people with diverse skills and from all parts of an organization assembles to lead a project. A team structure can involve sharing power equally on all issues, but more commonly uses rotating leadership. The team member(s) who are best able to handle any given phase of the project become(s) the temporary leader(s). Additionally, as each team member has the opportunity to experience the elevated level of empowerment, it energizes staff and feeds the cycle of success. If you need more examples, our leadership experts can provide them with competency through the leadership assignment help.

Leaders who demonstrate persistence, tenacity, determination and synergistic communication skills will bring out the same qualities in their groups. Good leaders use their own inner mentors to energize their team and organizations and lead a team to achieve success. With our leadership assignment help service, you can achieve the best grades in the exam. also provides a 24x7 customer care assistance where you can reach anytime to get leadership assignment help. Each member of our experienced leadership expert team can provide the best leadership assignment help solve all your queries.



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